7th Annual Northern Olentangy Watershed (NOW) Festival

 The 7th Annual NOW Festival will take place on June 20, 2020 at Mingo Park (500 E. Lincoln Avenue, Delaware) from noon to 3 pm. The festival is designed to engage and educate the community on our land and water resources especially as they pertain to the Olentangy River Watershed. OWA will have a both at the event. In previous years, the festival has had over 20 environmental organizations with information booths, free canoeing, a stream sampling demonstration, a scavenger hunt, a guided nature walk, the announcement of the Conservation Awards, a rubber duck race down the Olentangy, food trucks, a rain barrel raffle, and a free-to-enter raffle with prizes for all ages.

All of the proceeds from the rain barrel raffle benefit OWA. If you are interested in sponsoring and/or painting a barrel for the event, please contact Caroline Cicerchi at ccicerchi@delawareohio.net. Consider also nominating someone you know in the watershed who is doing outstanding work to protect our waterways for the Conservation Awards.

More info on the sponsorship opportunity: here
More info on the Conservation Awards: here


Farm 4R Future

OWA is a proud partner of Be the Change for Clean Water which brings together ten counties and a multitude of partners to provide education, resources, and opportunities to make it easier for all Central Ohio residents to Be the Change for Clean Water. Be the Change focuses on several different themes, including stormwater infiltration and pollution, nutrient management, and home sewage treatment system management. The current area of focus is Farm 4R Future. Farmers can improve their bottom line by practicing the 4 Rs. Use the right source at the right rate, at the right time, with the right placement. Consult the Tri-state Fertilizer Recommendations and your 4R Certified Crop Advisor before applying nutrients. Visit the website for more information.

Video on 4R Nutrient Stewardship